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@perry What a wonderfull idea, hats off!
I mentioned this in another thread [Common Issue] How long should Netlify builds take?, i’m seeing a lot of questions about increasing build times and how to solve this. I would like to suggest to have a Pricing tier between Starter and Pro when we can buy builds with increased resources.
One other suggestion i would make is to have a yearly basic plan for identity (5$), i’m starting to have a lot of sites with Netlify CMS, i want to ensure that my CMS editor user will have a stable service to use.
It doesn’t has to offer anything new or more just some stability guarantee for the git gateway and indentity service, that’s all!


Wow, I was looking for a place to post Pricing & Plans suggestions! First of all, congrats for the amazing job with the platform, I’m loving it !! The more I learn and read about Netlify the more I see people asking for a Pricing tier between Starter and Pro, maybe with slightly higher bandwidth and some perks for small studios or freelancers with a small-mid client’s base.

Can someone offer a basic guide to how to not pay anything to use Netlify? I did not get the clearest picture from the pricing page. So it doesn’t matter how many requests the site gets? I am just looking to make a very basic site that gets data from a google calendar api. Other than that, it is just a few pages with text and pics.


Hi Ross,

Yup, we do not charge based on number of requests. Short of a paid team, the things that you could be charged for are mostly metered features, and all are explicitly mentioned on our pricing page:

  1. bandwidth over 100Gbyte/mo transferred. That includes both traffic sent on our CDN to your site visitors, and traffic sent from our system to any proxy routes you have configured, which also includes traffic to functions
  2. Form submissions - over 100 submissions in a month or over 10 MByte of form uploads in a month, for each site
  3. Functions - over 125k executions or 100 hours of runtime
  4. Identity - over 5 invite-only users or 1000 open-invite active users
  5. Large Media - over 2,500 transformations in a month (no additional charges for storage or use, only for transformations)

The non-metered features that will cost you money based on explicit configuration are:

  1. inviting a collaborator to your Starter (free) account
  2. upgrading your plan, or explicitly upgrading any of the aforementioned features in our UI. We’ll automatically upgrade you if needed, but you can “opt in” to higher levels if you click around.

Thank you Chris! Good to know.

My main site is with another provider; however, if I’d known the ease of specific uses which are of import to me which Netlify provides, I’d have given it very serious thought. I’m now “stuck”, as it were, with C-flare, essentially, as it’s not an easy process that’s in place to remove your hosted domains from. If I were to seriously consider moving that site to Netlify, I’d first of all need a paid plan. With the entry level paid plan here, I’d expect to be made available dedicated certs and not just a wildcard; continued “wholesale” registration of the domain name, and perhaps even custom nameservers. When I mix these together, I do so due to cost. It would be nice to not be micro-charged for essentials as C-flare does with certain essentials, though not all.


I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I feel a little guilty getting free hosting because the service is so spectacularly good, and the GitHub connection makes everything so smooth. I don’t use a SSG, just static files that I create on my local machine and then sync with GitHub, so there should be minimal processing on Netlify’s end. I would definitely consider a “hosting only” price package if you ever decide to go that way.


I’m a member of a local Linux users group (nonprofit, without paying members), and we’re losing the hosting we’ve been using for free for many users, so we’re moving our web site to Netlify. The biggest problem for us is the inability to have collaborators on a cheap account, forcing us to use a single Netlify account with a shared password for our production site, with all the risks that entails. While we’d be open to collecting maybe $100/year in donations for something like this, $500/year is quite a bit beyond our budget.

It would be nice if you had a free plan appropriate for informal groups such as open source projects and user groups, which often have little need for the extra bandwith and so on of the paid plans but really need the ability to co-ordinate and control access to the group’s site administration amongst multiple people.

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See if this would help out:


@cjs definitely look at the link @talves shared - if you have more questions chat with a member of the support team such as myself and we’ll be happy to talk more about how we can support your OSS efforts!

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Yup, I’ve sent in a support request specifically about this. Thanks!

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Does your bandwidth limit have any kind of relationship to what’s happening in your sites builds? Like, if I have a particular site that creates a large cache of the site for the build process and that has to get retrieved by netlify’s build servers every time there’s a build, is that counting against anything? Or what if my site has a lot of images. Does that media “going to prod” count against my bandwidth? Or is bandwidth usage strictly content being requested by a consuming client? (I.e., it’s totally divorced from anything build related)?

Hei, I am a beginner.
Thank you for the great service :smiley:

Could I ask one question regarding ‘bandwidth’?
I got an alert email about ‘bandwidth usage on your team has reached 50% of the current allowance in your billing cycle’ during ‘1 month’. How does bandwidth usage is defined/decided?

If ‘the project’s build and deploy fail’ happens in many times, it consumes a lot of resources? Or just building and deploying the site many times can bring this alert? Or all the guesses are wrong? Some advice will be very helpful to me :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Great question. We define bandwidth as “bytes sent to your visitors’ browser, or bytes sent to remote services that you proxy to” (details on proxying:

Bandwidth sent to browsers is pretty straightforward, so I won’t explain it further unless you need clarification, but here’s where the caching our CDN does helps you save money - we don’t re-send unchanged content when a visitor refreshes the page. More details on how we handle that here:

Bytes used for proxying is a bit less obvious. Our various network providers charge us for outgoing bandwidth - and in case you proxy to your API, this will be what the browser sends. If your visitors upload a 10MByte PDF - then you used 10MBytes of bandwidth during that upload, despite their browser probably receiving only a few bytes (e.g. HTTP 200 OK). This is a less likely use case since most people don’t use proxying.

Build & deploy are not covered by bandwidth. Certainly building when you don’t need it is wasteful, so we appreciate efficiency if you can manage it. But we don’t charge per build right now and it won’t affect bandwidth calculations.

Edited Oct 2019 to add:

We do now charge for build minutes, so you’ll want to make sure you aren’t building needlessly. Each plan comes with a free allowance and this article may help you optimize your build minutes usage now: [Common Issue] How can I optimize my Netlify build time?


Dear Fool,

Thank you so much for the kind reply :slight_smile:
It helped me a lot to figure out what to improve in our project.
Wish you the best.

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Just to clarify proxying and bandwidth.

If I have two sites under netlify, say:

I have a _redirect file on that says:

/images/* 200

Does a request for count twice?

(I think it does, but I wanted to be sure).

Secondary question: I’m coming close to my bandwidth (the downside of having a blog for over a decade), but I can’t tell from the usage pages on netlify exactly what is chewing up my bandwidth.

Is there any way to get a breakdown by site/project?

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I think it shouldn’t count twice, Remy. The implementation details are not something I can share but looking at the code I feel fairly confident that we won’t double-charge.

You can ping us with your URL ( if you don’t want to say it here), and we can as a one time favor do some checks for you. It’s pretty time consuming on our side to make it human presentable so this isn’t something we’ll be able to do frequently but it sounds like the time is ripe for you now :slight_smile:


Thank you so much. My URL is remysharp dot com (aliased to - and there’s a redirect (which is a bit big!) but includes that :splat rule.

Happy if you want to post here, or email me directly at

Thanks again.