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Thanks for your patience while I made some time to check! I just confirmed that we sent ~38Gb of traffic in the past 30 days for via our CDN directly. There is about 32Gb of traffic for other sites in your account that adds up to the 70Gb that shows in our UI on your account’s billing page. I don’t see you as proxying anything off of netlify for remysharp . com, so between your netlify sites, that should account for all the traffic unless another site has an off-service proxy?

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Wow. Cheers. Wow. That’s a lot of blog visitors! I’d best get onto my service worker to try to releve some of that traffic.

Thanks again @fool :+1:

Do you know if there’s any plans to provide this overview of traffic usage on a per site basis in the netlify app ui?

Hi remy! Glad we were able to pull that data for you this time - for now we can’t do more, but that is a lot of blog visitors, you must definitely be doing something right! Maybe you should start a online class on generating blog traffic :thinking:

Remy - not sure if you heard but we JUST announced a new analytics feature at JAMstack conf london. You can learn more about that here. Introducing: Netlify Analytics!

So excited that the :cat: is finally out of the :handbag:!

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quick question.
How can I request for additional Bandwidth on a Starter plan?
I saw there’s the option in the Pricing page but I haven’t found how to apply for that option.


We’ll automatically upgrade you in case you need it. No need to “pre-pay” or pre-select it; as you approach the limit we tell you you’re approaching it via email and then with every package of 100Gb you use, we will email you a notice that we have added a package to your bill.

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Oh, simple as that! Thank you.

Keep up the great work!

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Here I am, again, with another quick question.

Can a user on a Starter plan create another Team on a starter plan?
( aka, a single user account with 2 or more Teams all using a starter plan.)

Of course, I’ve tried it already and when it’s time to pick a plan for the newly created Team I can only choose between Pro and Business, but at the bottom of the form, it says something like: for open source and starter plans contact support.


Hi @Karlbovsky!

At this time we only allow one free, Starter team per customer. :slight_smile:


Thank you @laura, yep, was pretty sure about that, just wanted to do a double-check :upside_down_face:


For the 100gb soft limits and other similar limits on free accounts, are they per website or per account? If it is per account, am I allowed to create a 2nd account for a non-profit that I am working with under a 2nd email address? While I am not currently near the limits, I worry that I could be one day. I am trying to offload images where I can, of course. Thanks.

Hi, @dave-from-boston. Welcome to our community site.

The limits are per team (per account) - not per site. For example, the bandwidth used for a team is the sum of all sites owned by that team.

Regarding having a separate team for a non-profit that you work with, this allowed to your keep personal sites separate from the sites of the non-profit. In most cases, we assume that the email address used for the personal team and the non-profit team will be different email addresses.

Would this workflow meet your requirements? For example, would you need to use the same email address for both teams?

Hi Luke,

Since introducing the charge for build minutes. I’ve been wanting to split my clients sites to their own separate accounts so that they can be billed directly for going over any limits of the free tier. The vast majority are under the limits individually but when I have them all under my own account then it all adds up and blows way past the build minutes especially.

Is there any limits on accounts I can create connected to my Github repo for each client? Or do they all have to be under my account.

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Curious to know the answer to jrich’s question. Similar if you set up a different account for different projects. Like say for example you had some ai contests you were developing (see here for demo site) and planned to have the game servers periodically push updates to the leaderboard and match log etc., would it be okay to create a separate Netlify account just for hosting that website (it’s its own open source project with a company registered for it in Australia as AI-BOTS PTY. LTD.), or are people limited to one account per person and may find their accounts getting disabled if they have more than one? Netlify might even be interested in sponsoring these ai contests, though I’ve been focussed on Nift development and still need to code up the game servers and registration servers etc. in C++.

Hey folks! Our intention is that there is one login per person. Setting up multiple logins for yourself to get around limitations and avoid your usage being counted together, is obviously fraudulent, so I assume you wouldn’t be asking how to do that here. Right?

Now, multiple teams for a single login IS the intention for handling your situation, @jrich - you have your free team, and you (or your client) creates a second paid team, and you collaborate on their site or sites. No problem them having their own free team and inviting you to collaborate; we still charge for collaborators (and there is only one collaborator possible on a free team), so we don’t consider it bad behavior as long as THEY own the second free team. You’re welcome to have as many paid teams as you like, and invite whomever you like to collaborate on those - collaborators can be per-site or per-account, so you can “subdivide” a few clients collaborating on one paid team. We can help transfer sites between teams, but obviously, if they are all your teams, we’re going to notice and ask you not to defraud us :slight_smile:

To answer your second question, you can connect github repos to any number of sites on any number of accounts by any number of logins. You can, however, only use our GitHub app with a single login (which can be part of multiple teams). This helps you remember that the intention is that your login should map to your github account (for auth, and for the App), rather than trying to create multiple logins for yourself to get around our included allocations.

so I assume you wouldn’t be asking how to do that here. Right?

Definitely not from me, I have just one Netlify account with all my websites, though was curious to know what Netlify’s stance is.

There is one way people would be able to get around your restrictions, although not that hard to work out I’ll email it to you rather than posting it publicly.

Thanks for your reply. And no, not trying to avoid your limitations. My issue was specifically the build minutes. I have only one client that was going over the 300 but obviously all of my others also counted as build minutes on my account so they were going way over the limit and would be very expensive. So instead of that one client paying $7 for more build minutes it ends up being many times that.

So what I want is to set up their own Netlify accounts attached to their own billing so they pay for anything that is charged by Netlify for their specific site. This prevents me from having to work out the cost per build minute every month and charging all clients that contributed to the total their portion of costs even if they only had 5 build minutes used and wouldn’t have been charged with their own account.

It’s not 100% clear from your answer whether my case would be ok. I want to sign them up with their own email/billing account. Deploy their site from my github account and then have them push changes through Netlify CMS which is where their build minutes would be coming from. So if there was any issues then I would be the one logging in with their email address to their account to check logs etc. Would that be allowed?

Thanks for that detail!

Your use case of “have client sign up for (free) account, and invite you to collaborate” is totally fine with us! Login sharing is not fine. Then would of course also pay $15 for you to collaborate since collaborators on the free plan do cost $15/mo. But then it would all be on their credit card, and if their site becomes popular or builds a lot, they’d pay the cost.

It is our intention that if you resell your netlify hosted sites (e.g. “I made this for a client who pays me”), you also wouldn’t host for free - so this will achieve that point as well. If you do resell for one or more clients, you really should be paying anyway, that’s our intention as well.

Hosting your sites for free is a-ok! Charging someone else to host their sites and not paying us, not so a-ok :slight_smile:

Thanks for the question!

I may be mistaken, but it seems to me like there have been several pricing changes in the past few months. Just 13 days ago I was able to request support via email/form and now I see plans starting at $1k/month.

I do remember being notified properly via email a few months ago about a change regarding number of members, that was done excellently. But I hadn’t noticed the build minutes change until I started receiving warnings and the email support going away was a surprise to me. Since no one likes surprises, what is it that we could monitor to see pricing change plans and announcements?

hi cakrit! I have answers to your questions! Happy to elaborate.

Firstly, support for billing/payment and other non-technical issues is available for all customers on all plans, including Starter tier ($0, as in, you don’t pay us anything at all for our service) at /support on by choosing the appropriate item in the drop down field on the right. Or, post in the #admin section and we will assist.

Secondly, 1:1 technical support is available for all members of paid teams on /support. Paid teams means, Pro ($49) and Business level subscriptions. Business level subscriptions can also add on premium support with a guaranteed response time for business critical issues 24x7.

Thirdly, this Community is staffed by all the same support engineers as the helpdesk :smiley_cat: , and is available for everyone! In addition to the technical support team, we have a ton of knowledgeable folks in here who help each other out because they are problem solvers and excited about the platform, and so the unexpected reality is that you might get help faster here than in the helpdesk, actually, and it is available for free for everyone.

Here’s our single source of truth on platforms and pricing:

If you have any other questions or concerns - hit the reply button, I’ll be happy to follow up with you and clarify!

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