Does an external asset via Redirect Proxy cost bandwidth?


I read from mod’s posts that redirect proxy does cost bandwidth. But I’m still not sure whether it’s only for proxying POST request or just any general data that went through the proxy url rewrite (in and out). I’m planning to outsources some of my assets to IPFS, especially large one, perhaps even doing video in the future, so if someone could help me with this question then I’d be very grateful.


PS, for demo
Original asset:

Through rewrite proxy:

Hi, @RadhyR. The data sent in POST requests does count to the data transfer (aka bandwidth) use. The same is true for that proxied URL with the label “Through rewrite proxy”. That URL will count toward the bandwidth used.

If you referenced the file using the first URL, it wouldn’t be served by Netlify and it therefore would not affect the bandwidth use for the Netlify site.

The simplest way to look at it is this:

  • If the data is coming from (or, with a POST, if the data is being sent to) an IP address associated with our service, then the data does count towards the bandwidth used.

The first URL doesn’t use IP addresses controlled by Netlify so it won’t count towards bandwidth. The second URL will use IP addresses controlled by Netlify so it does count towards bandwidth.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

Thanks for the answer @luke. It clears my confusion from before as I tried to test some mp3 files through the proxy, but the bandwidth billing doesn’t seem to be affected on the dashboard (it’s only about six hours ago, I guess it’ll take a while for the bandwidth meter to be updated?).

Anyway, this is only my first experiment doing stuff on IPFS. If I stumbled upon another problem in the future, I’ll let you know. Thanks again!

Hi, @RadhyR, the bandwidth use in the web UI does (currently) only update once per day.

If there are other questions, reply anytime.

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