Bandwidth usage and API traffic


We are trying to figure out whether Netlify is a suitable place where to deploy our webmail.

This would consist of a JavaScript front-end and some Go functions (client) as api endpoints that are triggered from the front-end and communicate with our email server.

Something we would like to understand better is how the bandwidth usage would be computed in this scenario. Namely, to what extend the traffic between front-end and API endpoints and between the API end-points and our email server would count towards the bandwidth usage.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @moreschi-enterprises,

Sorry for taking time on this. I don’t have a definite answer for your particular use case at the moment, but I’ll get that from the team and revert as soon as possible.

Hi @moreschi-enterprises,

Apologies for taking very long for a seemingly simple question. We just wanted to make it accurate to there is no confusion. Here’s the summary of our discussion:

If functions do something on their own like connect to a backend (and receive a response), no cost. If functions talk directly to one another, no cost. If you proxy to the mailserver, the response would be charged for once - as it is sent to user browser.

Does that answer your question?


Hi @hrishikesh,

Then it is how I suspected it was, but I preferred not to make any assumption on this delicate point. Thank you very much, this answers my question.

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