Need information regards the netlify-lambda function about pricing and all

I want to know, when we are using the netlify-lambda function, how many users’ data we will get free access to the site?

If it is payable after a certain time limit, what and how will pricing be calculated?

Hey @Amarparihar

I’m not entirely sure what you are asking.

Serverless function pricing is based on invocations — see pricing page.

@coelmay thanks for the response.

Yes I was asking for the same thanks for sharing.

Hello @coelmay ,

I have some questions listed below, Do you know about this?

  • what is Lamada-function means in Netlify?

  • Does using it have a cost associated with it?

  • If we use Express.js and Converted them to lamda-function will executing these function increase the cost based on number of time it is getting called, time a function is taking to return a response?

Hey @Amarparihar,

We’ve taken care of this in the helpdesk.