Rate limiting setup for serverless functions

netlify site name: classy-sopapillas-5cb021
I successfully deployed my backend as a serverless function and everything works perfectly. My only concern is: is there any kind of rate limiting setup? because my backend connects to a third party api and I wouldn’t want to lose access to it because of spams. Thank you for your support in advance, this is an amazing platform

Not a rate-limit that would be super useful. You can probably create your own rate-limiting system using Edge Functions, but I believe it’s going to make your requests slower.

I just want to make sure that someone with bad intentions cannot destroy my work, it’s not really about the 125k free requests on netlify, but the fact that I would lose access to the api Im attached to. But if there are already measures against this it’ll be fine. Like it’s not vulnerable enough that someone can create a script to spam millions of requests