Blobs pricing and limits

Hi Netlify folks!

I want to start using Blobs. However, I couldn’t find the pricing model in any place of your website.
I’ve tried with:

I noticed that in your Blobs announcement blog post, you mentioned you will make the pricing public once it went out of beta.

Can I get your help?


What a curious post. Why would a Netlify employee (according to your bio/badge @sergio) need to ask such a question!? :thinking:

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Hi Sergio,

Blobs indeed still have no pricing.

I can’t officially promise you that this is final, but in case you’re cautious about using this before knowing how much it will cost, Blobs will be likely priced something like this: Customers get 100GB for free, and additional GBs will cost 9 cents a month. Things might change, but that’s the ballpark.

P.S.: I updated your profile flair to “Netlify Alumni” instead of “Netlify Employees”. Better three years late than never :slight_smile:


Yeah, I formerly worked at Netlify and forgot about modifying the profile.

Thank you Ramon! I think that’s so useful for our use case.