Billed for functions - but SSR turned off - and huge bandwidth

Hi team. We’re finding that we’re maybe getting overcharged for Bandwidth and functions .
We currently run two separate Netlify instances for our site:

  • reece-group (SSG only)
  • reece-group-preview (SSR for /news/ pages only, SSG for the rest of the site)*

Bandwidth charges for reece-group -

  • First time is users load the site at around ~2mb.
  • Subsequent cached requests to the network are only around ~25kb.
  • Gatsby preloads connected pages, so the next page a user clicks to is still around ~25kb.
  • On Mar 2, bandwidth is 38.2GB. Unique visitors are 682, pageviews 6101.
  • Assuming each user loads an average of ~3-4MB, it doesn’t make sense bandwidth usage is this high.
  1. Exactly how are bandwidth requests counted? Do they also increase on every build/deploy, or just when the site visitor requests the page/resource?
  2. Can we be provided timestamp logs on the bandwidth usage for both reece-group & reece-group-preview.

Functions charges for reece-group & reece-group-preview -

  • SSR is enabled for reece-group-preview Netlify instance,
  • SSR is disabled for reece-group Netlify instance, it doesn’t make sense that the Netlify instance still generates __ssr, __dsg & __api folders.
  • Clicking on the functions log only brings up a loading spinner (see screenshot)
  • Functions for reece-group Feb 10 to Mar 10 generated 1,201,407 requests – however the site didn’t get anywhere near this amount of traffic.
  1. Is the Function Log broken? Ie. Netlify App
  2. Exactly how are Netlify functions invoked? On every build/deploy, or just when site visitors request the function?
  3. With the Netlify log interface not giving us any information, can you please provide timestamp logs on the function usage for both reece-group & reece-group-preview.

Please let me know if I can provide any further info to help investigate the high function and bandwidth usage charges

Thanks in advance.

Hey there, @reecedevops :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out with such a detailed post, and welcome to the Netlify Forums. I have opened a helpdesk ticket for you so that you can work directly with our Support Engineers through your questions and any site specific details.

Stay tuned to your email for a response from them! If you don’t see an email in the next few days, please follow up here and let me know.

Thanks so much,

Thankyou, I reached out here as I am unfortunately not getting any response back from the helpdesk - it’s been 1 week & Netlify charges are auto-increasing every few days.

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Hey there, @reecedevops :wave:

I am sorry that you are encountering that, I recognize that this is stressful.

I see an email from you from yesterday evening in the Helpdesk. Did you reach out before then? I assure you it is on the radar of our team and we will respond there as soon as we are able to.

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Amazing thanks for chasing.

Just checked my Sent items:

Date: Friday, 4 March 2022 at 9:04 am
To: Netlify <>, 

Hey there, @reecedevops :wave:

Did you send it from a different email address? Could you provide the ticket number? I am not seeing anything from the email address you have associated with your forums account.

Again, we have your ticket from this week and I assure you it is on our staff’s radar.

Thanks for your patience,