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Bandwidth jump 1.3TB :O

Hey Netlify!

I just got an email from Netlify informing me that Netlify billed me for additional bandwidth usage. When login to my team’s dasboard, I read bandwidth used 1.3TB/1.4TB :open_mouth: SHOCK! The amount needed to cover this bandwidth is USD260.

About the site I’m running:

  • https://skill4ltu.netlify.app/ (https://skill4ltu.eu)
  • the site is built with Gridsome (thus the small foot-print)
  • the site is 20.9MB
  • it has 300 pages
  • we launched the site a few days ago and we had 1600 users
  • I’ve checked the bandwidth after launch day and it was 6GB/100GB
  • in the second day of launch, the bandwidth was 9GB/100GB
  • the number of visitors got lower in the next days (1100 after the first day, 500 after the second day after launch day)

I think the total amount of billed bandwidth is not justified for such a small foot-print website that doesn’t have big images in it. I do not understand how a website this small can generate so much bandwidth. This is an error on Netlify bandwidth calculation. Would you please check the bandwidth on your side?

Thank you!


I’m going to escalate this for you so that a support engineer can investigate.

I would also advise for you to contact the support team for this specific issue.

We’re so disappointed! We really appreciate Netlify for being an amazing tool for JAMstack community. But it is impossible to sustain any business if we are charged USD260 a day for bandwidth.

I’ve stopped the builds and moved the site to a traditional hosting where I have unlimited bandwidth but I lack the automatic builds and deploys. I will have to live with that lack, but save thousands of USD/month. T H O U S A N D S!

How do I contact the support team while I have a starter plan?

I can assure you that it is pretty uncommon for any JAMstack site to require $260 worth of bandwidth daily. There could be many things going wrong here:

  • Netlify is calculating the bandwidth incorrectly (very unlikely but still possible)
  • Your site has recently received a huge influx in visitors
  • Something is not working either as expected or as efficiently on your end

Unfortunately you cannot contact support directly on the free tier. I have escalated this for you and hopefully you should see some news from a support engineer tomorrow.

In the mean time I urge you to read this thread and troubleshoot anything that could be causing the high bandwidth:

Hang tight… we’ll get this sorted for you soon.


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Thank you @kylesloper ! We’re looking for a resolution in this matter and hopefully to return to Netlify where I think our JAMstack website belongs and feels like home.

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Hi, @webdevst.

We have sent you an email to the email address associated with your Netlify account, and we’ll communicate with you through that email to continue resolving this issue.

Also, please let us know with a reply here if you don’t receive a message from us.

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Hi @luke !

Thank you for your reply! I have received your email message and will reply to you shortly.