How to define bandwidth usage and Netlify plan

Hi there,

I’m working on how to migrate my website into the JAMstack with Contentful, Nuxt and Netlify.
But there is a question I cannot solve alone…

I see in the pricing page there is a plan with 600GB /month of bandwidth and 20$ each 100GB as overusage.
I don’t know what does it mean to me, how to calculate the bandwidth on my website and how to define which plan fits me well.

What I can say is the website I want to migrate has:

  • 50k page views a day
  • 5MB homepage size

Can you help me to solve this please?
Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Hey @achraf

Have a read through this post.

If you have any follow-up questions, don’t hesitate to reply.

Hi @coelmay , hi all,

Thanks for your feedback. If I understand well, Contenful providing their own CDN for assets, I can remove from my calculation this bandwidth usage.
On my homepage example, the new size is 2.1MB (57% of my 5 MB bandwidth usage is dedicated to images)

Following this site’s bandwidth calculation (=> 3.2 TB per month), I can say:

  • I need 600 GB / month of bandwidth usage
  • I need to add $520 for 2.6 TB / month

Am I wrong in my reflexion?

I’m really tired of hidden costs on others platforms and try to estimate well the migration cost.
Thanks a lot

hey achraf,

contentful is indeed completely separate from netlify so any browser that is requesting assets served from contentful (even if the page where they are embedded is on netlify) will not count towards the bandwidth total.

if you’d like, i can get you chatting with someone from a different team who might be able to put a package together that is more economical, or at least can calculate this through with you. would that be alright for them to reach out to you via email?

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Hi @perry ,

With pleasure! I think the question can interest the community as well but we can go on by email for now.
I can share with you (in french if possible but we can continue in english) all details of the migration I want to make.

By the way, thanks a lot for your feedback too.

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great. i passed your info along and we’ll be in touch!