Bandwidth twice of what's expected


We recently pushed our site live, using a rewrite rule to send all other traffic except for ‘/’ to our existing application hosted elsewhere. So we’re just hosting our landing page on Netlify, and we’re seeing about double the amount of bandwidth usage we were seeing before we moved the domain name over to Netlify. The Netlify default domain is ( Any insight into why our bandwidth seems so high would be appreciated.

Hi, @nvision. I’m seeing the bulk of the bandwidth used is for javascript assets.

For example there the following path at the custom domain was over 1 MB in size (when brotli compressed) and it was requested over 16k times since the start of the current billing cycle. This alone is over 16 GiB of traffic for that one asset.


I do show the current bandwidth use at 55 GiB and climbing. If there are other questions about this, please let us know and we will create a support ticket to discuss it privately so more detail can be shared.