Does traffic through Netlify's CDN Partner (Cloudfront) count toward bandwidth usage?

This question is based on 2 other topics.

  1. What does actually count in bandwidth?

  2. CDN Change? Netlify CDN or Cloudfront?

These topics confirmed that:

  1. Bandwith counts when the HTTP requests are made through Netlify Nodes. Which is a website with domain or a custom domain that points to domain.

  2. Cloudfront is Netlify’s Partner. Some of the user’s assets will be delivered through Cloudfront instead of Netlify if he/she enables Assets Optimization.

If we combine these insights, does it mean that Assets processed with Assets Optimization will not count towards bandwidth usage because they are not delivered through Netlify CDN?

If yes, does it mean we can easily reduce bandwidth usage by just enabling Assets Optimization?

If not, why?

I’m not aware of any “partnership” between Netlify and CloudFront. From what I know, Netlify uses AWS at its core and CloudFront is related to the same.

So to answer your question, anything that you serve from Netlify (code, media, etc.), counts against your bandwidth this includes files generated by Asset Optimization.

Wow, I didn’t know that Netlify uses AWS at its core. That clears a lot of things. It makes sense if Netlify also tracks bandwith from Cloudfront domain because Netlify is essentially on AWS. Thanks man!