CDN Change? Netlify CDN or Cloudfront

I have been using Netlify for a while now but one of my favoirte features of how Netlify works is that they run their own CDN but recently as my google Webmasters consle has been notifying me about how my content isnt optimized and isnt on a god cdn for people to be using, I had found that this is definetly not netlify because its hosted using cloudfront and not netlifys own cdn.
Why is this the issue here and why would it be impacting site performance for me

The domain in the screenshot is the domain where any assets which were modified by the asset optimizations in the build settings will be served. If you disable asset optimization in the site build settings, assets will no longer be served from this domain.

Regarding why this is impacting your site performance, that would depend on that impact is. What performance impact are you seeing?

50 to 200 ms on impact fo response times for these files

If you believe the site performance would be improved without it, please feel free to disable it. It is an optional service.

After it is disabled, trigger a new deploy (which can also be done in the UI without a new git commit) and only Netlify’s CDN will be used.

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I’ve got a similar issue. I’ve got one image that loads via Cloudfront.

Everything is turned off aside pretty links:

Can it still keep pretty links while not using Cloudfront?

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Thats what I’m trying to accomplish here too as well, not use cloudfront but other cdn

Sorry, but any asset optimization enabled including Pretty URL’s will likely cause some assets to end up on cloudfront.

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We don’t specify what CDN’s you can use, @CalebOWolf. The ones we use are our own, and cloudfront. So, this doesn’t seem to be a similar topic to the thread you posted in. If you want to describe your use case in a new post, in detail, we’ll be happy to help out!

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I wouldn’t really consider permalinks “asset optimisation”? It would be good if they are different settings

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Thanks for reaching out! At the moment when you enable asset optimization of any kind, we’ll serve assets from Cloudfront. This includes enabling pretty URL’s. This only happens for assets that are referenced in your html using relative paths. If you use full paths then it will still load them locally. While this is a behavior that we may change in the future, there are no immediate plans to do so.

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