How to improve the Website performance

we have been using Netlify for from last 4 years for our production deploys for our startup. Recently when we tried comparing the performance. We saw that there was a significant difference in the lighthouse web performance ratings, when we hosted the same code in Amazon S3 with Cloudfront CDN. I wanted to check if Netlify has Indian CDNs or why is there a performance difference. Any suggestions to configure or something .

Hi @microdegree,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

You can find a list of our CDN’s here: Is there a list of where Netlify's CDN pops are located? - #2 by fool

Could you provide some information such as the customer domain or the site name (for example:

Have you seen this Netlify Support Guide with troubleshooting tips?

Hi @Melvin ,

Here is our website

The Lighthouse performance is below 50%, Any suggestion to configure from your side?

I see absolutely no issues with the performance of your is much slower in comparison to the homepage, but that is not a Netlify issue as the site is hosted on Thinkific.