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[Support Guide] Performance troubleshooting your Netlify site

This article will describe our most frequent performance troubleshooting methods and advice, for speeding up your Netlify site.

Our CDN may behave a bit differently than you or your typical benchmarking tools expect. When you say your site is slow, this is what we check on:

  1. Is DNS configured correctly, to leverage our CDN? Are you proxying to us?
  2. Are you using any custom caching settings? We review them and also how well your site makes use of our caching model by not changing unnecessarily many files with each deploy.
  3. Check your auth. Make sure you’re not using password protection. Password protection and HTTP basic auth do not make good use of our CDN (authentication is done at the origin, not the edge). Our Identity service does authenticate performance at the edge.
  4. You’re only as fast as your backend. If you proxy to another service or call functions, keep in mind that we can’t accelerate those things nor control how fast they respond.
  5. Keep in mind that our CDN caches opportunistically and cache is per-node; busy sites are served from cache. Most locations have several nodes so you may need to reload several times to get your content cached in your nearest location when testing a new page or site.
  6. Our CDN does not effectively cache large files (several megabytes). Keep things small.

Still have trouble? Send us a HAR file (preferrered), or the x-nf-request-id for a slow request, and we’ll be happy to investigate.