Netlify answers slowly on static file access


I’ve noticed that some static files hosted on Netlify are slow to be served to the clients.

By slow, I mean, the first byte might take many seconds before being sent, and the request is pending for a while.

You can see this live by visiting this link
the waiting time for some response is greater than 4 sec making my website slower :frowning:

This is what I’m seeing in Southern California.

so, Can you tell me what will be the problem? Because this is what I am getting in india. Is it problem related to dns caching like cloudfront. Do I need to put this website after cloudfront?

I don’t use Cloudfront, but I can tell you that Netlify’s distributed CDNs obviate the need for other caching and DNS solutions that used to be needed with “normal” static sites. You may indeed be seeing an interaction between Cloudfront and the Netlify CDN … AKA “cache hell.”

I have to wonder, though, how you are running Cloudfront ahead of a Netlify assigned subdomain? I wouldn’t have thought that to be possible.

Hi, @iFlameing, our support team is happy to research why this is happening.

We need an x-nf-request-id response header or a HAR file capture to troubleshoot this further. Would you be willing to send us one or the other for these slow TTFB responses?