Netlify "waiting" response?

Hey everyone,

It seems like there is a roughly 200ms “waiting” delay with Netlify by default.

I tested by deploying the same page to both Netlify and my Krystal shared hosting.

The results: - Via GTMetrix

Netlify is slower than my shared hosting because of this.

I’d love to use Netlify because it’s so great/simple to use, but this seems pretty significant to me, how could I improve this on Netlify, is there a specific plan I need to upgrade to or some configuration I am not aware of?

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hi there, i’m not familiar with GTMetrix, but that i think you are describing is a slow TTFB. Can you capture a HAR file for us so we can take a closer look?

Thanks for the response @perry!

Yes! TTFB is what I was trying to remember haha. That’s what I meant by “waiting”.

Here’s a: WeTransfer of har files for both sites

I used the “fast 3G” setting to show the more difference more obviously.

The har file for the site hosted on Netlify is called “netlify-fast3G.har” and for the same site hosted on my shared hosting “krystal-shared-fast3G.har”.

Perhaps TTFB isn’t the only factor, it’s just what stood out to me if it’s possible to get a better result that would be great!

Then I could justify moving my clients’ new site over because I love how easy Netlify is to use, but ultimately I need to put the client first.

Hi, @Levous, the x-nf-request-id in the file named netlify-fast3G.har does show a response timing of only 191 ms from our system. This is a fairly slow response for such a small ressponse.

Part of that is due to this being a “cache miss”. The CDN node didn’t have this content cached and therefore required a load from the origin.

For cache hits the response times are mostly under 10 ms from the point of view of the CDN node.

Also, I see that the shared hosting request is inside the UK to a server in the UK. For the Netlify request is it from the UK to Germany.

Last but not least, there is a 0 ms DNS lookup for the shared hosting while the Netlify site lookup was 278 ms.

I don’t have specific advice for improving this. Loading the page several times to prime the CDN cache would provide better results. If you prime and then test this would show how the site performed once cached in the CDN nodes locally.

Also, investigating why the DNS lookup was so slow would be worth looking into as well. What DNS resolver are you using?

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.