Feedback: Private Organization Price Increase

Please use this thread to provide feedback on the latest “price increase”, as they do not allow feedback in the main thread.

The original thread can be seen here:

You can also provide feedback via their feedback form.

My original post (below) was deleted by the product team with no explanation as to why, outside of the implication that it wasn’t “civil”.

It’s quite depressing to see Netlify taking such heavy handed measures, instead of addressing concerns.

I’d be happy for anything that I’ve said to be refuted.


While you can send your feedback via that form, I suggest also posting it publicly here… at least here you know someone will read it.

Netlify have a history of using requests for private correspondence to try and obfuscate the negative impact of their changes. It’s a “divide and conquer” approach that is presented under the guise of “listening” or “tailoring a response”.

They also have a history of pitching their “price increases” in an underhanded fashion as “features”.

As far as I’m aware, this new price increase has also been made with no warning.

My feedback:
This is another blatant cash grab.

It’s an entirely predictable move, as it ties in with the previous massive price increase (see links above).

Moving to a “Pro” plan won’t just cost you the fee of the plan, it will also cost you for every developer.
As free plans aren’t charged “per developer” it’s entirely plausible that you could be forced from a $0 plan to an Enterprise Plan (minimum $2,000+ per month - although Netlify are coy and never give public pricing info).

It’s obvious Netlify are free to change and charge as they wish, but there is currently absolutely no stability from Netlify’s pricing, nor any trust that they will “do right by their customers”, making it a very unstable base to build a business upon.

Netlify have ceased to be advocates for developers and for making developers lives easier, changes are now frequently about extracting greater revenue from existing users by adding additional limtiations and making things “harder”.

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Proof of the abuse of moderation powers: