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Non-profit organization pricing


I’m interested in purchasing a “Pro” plan for a few of my organization’s microsites. We’ve used the free tier to test Netlify out and really liked it and are ready to move to a bigger plan. I wanted to know if Netlify offered non-profit organization pricing? I saw that there was an allowance for open source projects, but didn’t see anything about NPOs.

Thanks so much in advance for your help!

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Howdy! We do not have any special non-profit pricing at present.

However, we also don’t mind your hosting your production sites on the free plan - what features is it missing that you need from the Pro plan, exactly? Maybe there’s a way to stay on the Starter plan with smaller upgrades like an extra collaborator and I’d be happy to talk through them with you.

Thanks for getting back to me. Right now, I think the biggest limitations for us on the free plan are the # of build minutes, the # of concurrent builds, and the amount of bandwidth. We’ve got one site in particular that has a pretty high build time and has taken quite a chunk out of our 300 minute limit. I know we could do some optimization for the site itself to bring that number down, but with limited time and resources, we just aren’t able to do that right now. Since the limit was added, we’ve paid for extra build minutes a few times. Being able to scale that has been affordable (and greatly appreciated!) but combined with adding some additional builds (even one would be helpful) and more bandwidth, it seemed like the pro plan was the better overall option.

The only other thing that would be great is if there was an option to get analytics for all of our sites. $9/site/month isn’t bad if there’s just one or two sites, but we’ve got ~10 that it would be nice to have those analytics for and that starts to get cost prohibitive.

Happy to talk over private message about specifics if helpful!

Thanks so much for that explanation!

Unfortunately there’s not much we can do for you there - analytics will always be 9$/site, and our best advice on build minutes in this article all does indeed take some effort by you:

Bandwidth, like build minutes, is only charged if you go over, but if you are going over regularly, the pro plan is probably a better value since 2 bandwidth packages + 1 build minute package is more expensive than a pro account, but you have +1 free bandwidth package and a bit of an extra build allocation at the Pro level.

We understand our pricing isn’t perfect for everyone, but we try to meet most needs in the packages. Wish I had better news for you today.