Upcoming changes to Netlify plans

The support team has temporarily fixed the problem for us while waiting for them to identify what went wrong in their new price plans…

We can get back to work.

Thanks @gualter

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Too late for us unfortunately, we’ve already added two extra accounts so we could keep working and we certainly don’t intend to pay for them in an ongoing capacity.

What an utter shambles.


These changes have completely broken the Netlify CMS/Identity/Git Gatway workflow.


Agreed! Considering leaving Netlify too.

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Not good. We are considering getting off Netlify too. The pricing tripled for us. Not good Netlify!

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Sorry Netlify. I think it is time to let you go. New plans are not good. https://vercel.com/ will solve our problem the same way you did previously.

Best of lucks


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We were not notified about the changes as well, we are a 7 people team and basically forced to leave out 1 person, because support doesn’t reply. Our bill increased 5x for no reason(greed maybe?). Spent half a day today dealing with this, manually allowing all builds and linking accounts, pretty annoying. Also I’m still not sure what to do with people that deploy once every few month? it’s $19/mo down the drain (if we even be able to invite them)

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+1 but i am looking at https://vercel.com/ and it seems they are also doing this as well
What is an active user on Vercel? – Vercel Docs ugh!!!

Hi folks, Hillary from Support here.

I want to assure you that we recognize the obstacles you are facing and our teams are working to address the areas where this went wrong. As Perry mentioned yesterday, we acknowledge we didn’t communicate as transparently as we intended to with you - and, it seems like we missed a number of affected accounts in communicating changes.

If you have not already done so, please provide your team name, site name, or API ID. This will allow us to look into our system and identify what groups weren’t notified, as well as work to get you unblocked. If you do not feel comfortable sharing this on the thread, you can DM me your information or you can fill out the form here on our support page. (if the direct link goes you trouble, please make sure you choose “billing issue” from the dropdown to get through to the helpdesk) - it’ll take you to our support helpdesk, and we will be able to get the info we need from you so you won’t miss any more updates.

We have all hands on deck across multiple Netlify teams, and we will continue to share more updates as soon as we have them.

This move is so boneheaded.

We woke up yesterday to being blocked from deploying any code to multiple websites, one of which was launching yesterday!

There was no email notice about this major change that broke everyone’s workflow.

The writing is on the wall ‘STOP USING OUR PLATFORM’. We’re leaving for greener pastures if this move isn’t reversed. It makes no sense whatsoever.

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Check out render, cloudflare pages, or AWS Amplify for services that don’t price based on seat. We’ve calculated our frontend bill will be lower than prior to netlify’s changes.


Hey @hillary - Our team name is ‘hz’ and we are on a business account. We were not notified about these impacting changes, and now many of our sites won’t build. We are a small agency but have a lot of folks that work in our github account.

@hillary @fool Could y’all please update your docs and pricing page to define what a “team member” is?

Check out the Billing FAQs and Pricing Page and Terms of Use Agreement. Only someone at Netlify knows what a “team member” is supposed to be.

(It was clear when they were just a setting in the dashboard but now it’s unclear based on other messaging)

Also while we’re providing real world examples Netlify didn’t think about:

  1. Our billing admin (non-technical)
  2. Our customer support team members logging in to check the spam folder for a single form (non-technical)

Now we’re being told the price will jump from $133/mth (7 users) to $3,000/mth (as quoted by sales team). That’s a 2,256% increase so people can see bills and check spam for customer messages.

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We have also had 0 notifications on this, blocked our workflow.

Sent a ticket - 4 day response time, we are already going to move, off to use Cloudflare Pages, works for us and it is actually better value in our case.

Complete mess by netlify here…

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On your plan, you’re limited up to 6 team members. You will need to upgrade or remove members to stay in compliance on your current self-serve plan.

We are 6 in our team, why do I receive this notification?

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Hiya @npg - that is intended to clarify that you are getting close to the limit, but we are working on a way for you to dismiss the warning. Should be ready by the end of the day!

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Why is six people the cut off? By what reasoning?