Add team member form is confusing. How many seats do I actually have and will I be billed for adding someone?

I currently have the pro plan ($19/mo).

Under the Members page (Netlify App/members) it says I have two members: 1 Team Member and 1 Git Contributor. (The Git contributor is the person I’d like to grant access to my team.)

When I go to add this person to my team, I see the following form:

This language is confusing. First, it says I can have up to 6 team member seats on my plan. Then it says 5 of 6 team member seats remain on my plan (until I enter this person’s email, in which case it update to 4 out of 6). Then it says I have 1 seat included in my plan. And then it says I will be billed an additional $19/mo for adding this member.

It sounds like, on my plan, I can have up to 6 members BUT I will be charged $19/mo for each one of them. Is my understanding correct? Is this information documented somewhere?


Hiya @ben519 and sorry for the confusion!

As far as I can tell right now, your team has 2 existing members:

  • yourself (team owner)
  • and one git contributor, which you can see below yourself on the team members page here: Netlify App

So your current bill would be $38 based on two team members.

Adding another user would move it up by another $19/mo (though you can of course add members at any time and their charge is prorated through the end of your current billing cycle which always ends on the 18th for this team. Removing a member won’t provide any refund, just won’t get charged for next month.

Thanks Chris, but now I’m extra confused. Where are you coming up with $38? This is what I see.

Notice it says $19 (although it’s temporarily reduced to $0 for my free trial period.)

Additionally, I’d be really bummed if netlify charges me double for the same person, just because he’s both a git contributor and a member of my team… Are you sure this information is accurate? Is this documented anywhere?


Hi, @ben519. The pricing information for team members can be found here:

This is what is shows currently:

  • Starter is one free and then $15/month per member
  • Pro is $19/month per team member (which does include git contributors)
  • Business is $99/month per team member (which does include git contributors)

Based on that above, a Pro plan team with two team members is $38/month.

If a person is a being counted twice as both git contributor a normal team member (which can have “owner” or “collaborator” roles), there is a section of the team member page where the git contributor and team member can be “merged” so they are only counted once.

If you are incorrectly billed for anyone as being both a member and git contributor please open a support ticket on our helpdesk using the form found at and select “Billing Issue” as the topic. Our support team will then correct the billing and assist with merging or removing git contributors.

​Please let us know if there are other questions about this.

Thanks Luke. That helps a lot.

I’m still surprised that nowhere in my dashboard does it say I’m going to be billed $38. But maybe it will say this eventually. I guess it’ll be definitive when I eventually get a bill.

Thanks again