Scammy Pricing Adding One Seat to Account

For some reason Netlify started denying my deploys from my personal Github account again. I tried to connect it to the associated email that has been working and it said an account is already associated to it. The problem is that I can’t see what’s associated to the email or unassociate whatever account is there.

Instead of waiting days for support since I need the deploy I decided to add another user. To my surprise, this is what it tells me:

Inviting 1 new member will add 2 extra seats at $19.00/month each

This is super scammy, why does per seat pricing need to come in pairs? Every week there’s a new problem for something that should be seamless in our process.

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hey there @mwood23 ,

thanks for letting us know about this. I’m talking to our engineers , and it is a bug. We are investigating, and you won’t be billed for two seats! We’ll post here again as soon as we have more info on this.

Any update on this issue?

hi there mwood23, i heard back from the team that is looking into this, and a UI update is likely to be released soon, we 're hoping in the next few weeks.

Turns out I was charged for 3 extra team members. My team have 5 developers. I can’t find out how to turn off members either. This is so sad :frowning:

Hey there, @mwood23 :wave:

Thanks so much for following up with us about this. I have opened a helpdesk ticket for you, which is email support directly with our Support Engineers. They will follow up with you with next steps, so stay tuned to your email!