Double billing for the same person on Pro account

Hi, friends.

I’m on the Pro plan, which is supposed to bill at $19/month. I am the only person who uses my account but I’m being billed $38. It’s itemized as one member and one git contributor. But I am the git contributor. I’m literally the only person using my account.

Can anyone help me understand why I’m paying twice for myself?

Thanks in advance.

@markwyner In regards to why this might occur, do the two accounts resolve to different email addresses?

I understand that both users are you, but I’d imagine that if they’re ultimately different details Netlify would find that impossible to automatically determine.

Hi @markwyner :wave:t6: thank you for reaching out. I escalated your query to our helpdesk please stay tuned.

Thanks, Sam. I look forward to getting this sorted out.