Billing issue related to git contributors

Hi, I have pro plan enabled in account. I thought it was 19 dollars per month. Today I checked the bill it was 95 dollars. After seeking out it was due to additional git contributors. On main site it wasn’t mentioned that I would be charged per git contributors. Also can you remove the other 5 git contributors that are added from my site. That would be great. Also adding attachment.

Hi @najafsk23,

Thanks for reaching out. On our pricing page it states the cost for git contributors are $19/per a member. Do you have a link or screenshot on the main site you were seeing this discrepancy/lack of information? I’m happy to raise this concern with the team.

In regards to the billed amount, i’m going to send this to our helpdesk as they can dive deeper into specifics.

Thanks so much for your patience. Please stay tuned to your email.

Oh my bad. I didnt see the info properly. Can you remove the active github contributors please?

You can actually do this on your own:

On the Members page for your team, you can access a list of your active and inactive Git Contributors. To remove an inactive Git Contributor, choose the Git Contributor you would like to remove and select Options > Delete contributor .

I wasnt able to find this option. In list it shows dropdown in which it shows merge to team or invite as team

@najafsk23 We’ve removed all of those git committers for you now. Your amount due is now $19. Let us know if anything else is needed at this time!