Request: Please unmerge all git contributors?

Please unlink all Git contributors from my account. We just had 1 netlify member but we’ve been getting charged 100+$ per month. Can you remove them asap?

Also, how can i set billing limits to my account

@Speer You can remove git contributors when they’re inactive.

You cannot set any billing limits currently.

I don’t recall seeing anyone mention “git contributors” as something they want the capability to limit, so you may want to raise that as a feature-request in the Features section.

Hi @nathanmartin
These git contributors were added accidently and not manually approved by our accountants. Can these be manually removed asap and hopefully reduce our billing reduced for this period?

@Speer I can’t advise, as I don’t work for Netlify.

Presuming that you have a paid account, you could use the support ticket system.
That would let you discuss it privately with Netlify.

If you go here:

You could fill out the form and select Billing Issue for What kind of help do you need?

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