"Delete contributor" option is missing

Hi - I’m trying to remove a “Git Contributor”, but the “Options” drop down does not have the “Delete contributor” option as specified in the docs.

A screenshot is included. I tried the “Options” drop down from both the “Git Contributors” and the “Team members” areas.

Any suggestions?

I should also mention, since I was just testing things out, I have already removed the GitHub Authorized App, deleted the GitHub repository, and removed the Netlify site that was connected to the GitHub repo. Also, the GitHub repo was a private repo.

Thank you in advance.


Hi, @raviweb. The answer is in the documentation here: Delete inactive Git Contributors.

Quoting that section:

To remove an inactive Git Contributor, choose the Git Contributor you would like to remove and select Options > Delete contributor.

You can only delete inactive Git contributors. Your screenshot shows that the Git contributor triggered a successful build at Netlify six hours ago. That Git contributor isn’t inactive. They are an active Git contributor which is why they cannot be deleted.

Once this person has no longer triggered any successful build during the current billing cycle, then they can be deleted.

Makes sense, will check back on deleting the contributor later then. Thanks!