Deleting specific team member netlify integration from GitHub

we are hosting a small documentation site for our open source repository on GitHub through netlify: GitHub - dlang/dub-docs: Documentation for the Dub package manager - -

A few years ago a contributor set it up and it worked great for a while. The contributor has however left a while ago and hasn’t been responding to further messages either. Now since a while ago CI builds were broken as the VM the project was setup to run in was no longer being supported. Fixing this would have been easy in that account but as we couldn’t get hold of the other contributor anymore we just created a new netlify account to do the PR reviews and deployment. Through support we also successfully transferred the site to the new team.

However now in GitHub PRs for the build previews we have all the PR statuses duplicated and the first half of them always fail with the broken VM by the missing contributor. (See Test netlify CI by WebFreak001 · Pull Request #44 · dlang/dub-docs · GitHub)

Is it possible to remove the netlify integration from the one contributor somehow through GitHub or through netlify? In the GitHub settings we only found general netlify settings so we could throw out the entire netlify integration, but would like to try to keep using it with the working account.

New site: Netlify App (everything working fine here)
Old site: Netlify App (this is causing the PR status issues and we can’t seem to remove it from GitHub)

hi there,

given the complexity of your situation, i’ve escalated this case to our helpdesk where a support engineer can discuss this with you and see if we can find a solution. As all our enterprise and business customers get priority in our helpdesk, it may take us a bit to get back to you, so i will leave this thread open here as well in case someone has a faster suggestion than our support team.