Git contributors without Netlify account counted as members


Today, while reviewing some Team settings, I stumbled upon big change in Members section: Netlify now charges for Git contributors without Netlify account.

We use SSO as our primary login method. That means, our folks can’t create Netlify accounts using Git provider and rarely manually attach that account later (if possible?). For us, Contributors via Git introduction resulted in 18 extra members overnight, which translates to a significant bill increase.

I understand reasoning behind this change and I also understand that I can easily merge duplicate accounts. However, we are surprised (to say the least), that such a change was introduced without any heads-up. A simple email to Team owners would do the job.

When this change was introduced and why there was no announcement?

hey @dmgawel - thanks for checking in about this. I am actually going to move this post to our helpdesk so we can investigate this situation with you and figure out if what you are seeing is what we would expect. Expect an email from us over the next few days!