What does 'merge with team member' do in the new 'Contributors Via Git' section of the Dashboard?

I can’t find anything in your docs about this option. What are the benefits/consequences of merging a Git Contributer with a UI team member?

This is part of the new pricing structure Netlify have of charging for git contibutors.

Previously all commits to git by any contributor would trigger a build.

Now they will only trigger a build if you have a paid account for them, you can read more about it here:

The “Benefit” is that by hooking them up you’ll have the same functionality you previously had.

The “Consequences” are that you’ll now be paying for another member on your account ($19 or $99 depending on which plan you’re on).

Appreciate the response Nathan, but I’m already aware of Netlify’s new pricing model. I have 2 team members and 1 Git Contributer currrently on the Business plan, so I’m being charged 3 x $99 per month on the new pricing. But what I’m wondering is if I click ‘options’ on the Git Contributor, there is a ‘merge with team member’ option. I’m wondering specifically what this does.

@chocobuckle The merge with team member is how you say “this particular git contributor” is “this particular Netlify team member”.

You could have already had multiple accounts in Netlify, and it’s a way to match them up 1:1.

Thanks Nathan. Do you know if merging a Git Contributor with a team member means you’re no longer charged for that Git Contributor?

@chocobuckle I’d hope that’s how it works, but no, I don’t know for certain.

One of the Netlify support staff will hopefully be able to confirm that.

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Hi, @chocobuckle.

Yes, that is what merging a contributor will do. If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

@luke The ‘Seach Team Members’ functionality doesn’t seem to be working after I click on ‘merge with team member’. I’m trying to merge the ‘agencyx’ Git Contributor with myself. But I can’t seem to search for any team member. On Chrome version 102.

hey chocobuckle,

which team are these members/contributors on? we’d like to take a look.

@perry Team name is ‘Agency X’. And I’d like to merge Git Contibutor ‘agencyx’ with team member Conor Doyle, which is myself.

Hi Conor,

It looks like your team member has already been merged to a git handle. Can you try unmerging first?

Let us know if that does the trick!

I’m gonna send an email to support so I can continue my query privately Laura, thanks for your help.

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