Netlify for client websites

Newbie here, sorry if a stupid question.

Sort of new to the freelance developer game. I currently host client websites on aws and use formspree for the forms which is getting frustrating to control. I’d rather just do everything on one platform like netlify.

My question is, is it alright to host client websites on my netlify account, or is netlify more based for companies hosting their own websites?

No stupid questions in this community, @enddev. That’s one part of our company culture that we are definitely trying to live and promote even in this community!

It’s totally fine to host client websites in your netlify account. If you are reselling, we do expect you to have a paid plan, rather than using the free one. But Pro is a fine level for that.

We don’t limit what you can host (e.g. commercial sites, ad-supported sites, a portfolio of different client sites) but we do ask that if you charge your customers for hosting content on our platform, you pay us at least $45/mo.

@fool, Thanks for the quick response.

Guess ill be shifting across to you guys.

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welcome to netlify, @enddev!

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