Netlify hosting for clients websites

Hi all!

I’m currently a freelancer planning to start an agency and would like to continue using frameworks like Astro. I would like to host the client websites on Netlify but unsure if I have to create separate accounts for each client or host it all under my account.

Also, I would like to know if it’s possible to resell hosting here on Netlify. Do I have to upgrade to the Pro plan to do both of these things? I tried looking for information on the forums and on Google but only found answers about the Pro plan or Partner Program and got pretty confused lol.

Any help and clarification is greatly appreciated!

You can charge your clients for what Netlify charges you, for example bandwidth, build minutes, functions, etc. However, this could be difficult for you to manage if you host all sites in the same account as they would generate a combined bill for your account. Metering per site could get complicated. On that note, I’d suggest getting a separate account for each client so you can bill them more easily.

Pro account is not a requirement though.