Hosting multiple clients websites in a single Netlify account


I’m currently considering hosting options for many clients websites. Those websites are owned by different clients and most of them are very small with very limited traffic (e.g. one landing page, few pages and pictures for a portfolio, …).

I’m considering the option of transferring those websites to Netlify since this platform is very attractive in terms of features for their needs and enables the static websites I would recommend them.

I’m wondering if it is permitted to host all those clients websites in a single Netlify account and grant access to few Netlify services to each client through two channels :

  • modify website content through git (each client would have his own git repo with specific access rights on git side)
  • trigger deployments through your API via a system I have to develop (and maybe few other parts of the API they might need)

Is it an acceptable use of Netlify services or does it infringes any of your terms-of-use conditions (, e.g. 4.3 or 4.5?

Does any of you already use Netlify with such a kind of setup?

I could definitely create one Netlify account per client but:

  • it would obviously change a lot the pricing structure of my service
  • it could violate other Netlify term-of-use conditions (i.e. create multiple Netlify account for a single physical person, with “alias” emails to distinguish them)

Thanks in advance for your help in clarifying this situation.


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Hey, thanks for your patience as I double-checked with our sales team since this is a commercial use case. Yes, what you describe (have one account and host client sites there, something like one per repo or however you want to structure it) is definitely an acceptable use of Netlify services as long as you’re on a Pro plan or above. I know there are Pro customers who use Netlify this way, though unfortunately I couldn’t find any “case studies” I’d be able to share.

Let me know if this answers your question or if we can help with anything else!


Hey Jen,
Thank you very much for this information double-checked with the sales team.

Glad to hear this is an acceptable use case.

Thank you very much for your help, this is a very clear answer to my question.

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