I would like to know if Netlify supports hosting or is it enough to deploy my website and add a domain for it to be live on the web?

custom domain: honeycoded.com
I have it linked to a netlify app but is this enough for hosting my website or will it be stopped after sometime . Like are there monthly or yearly fees for hosting just like other platforms out there like hostinger ?

Hi @honeycoded, thanks for the post and welcome.

The kind of website you want to host depends on your needs. However note that Netlify can host static / static generated sites by most frameworks, serverless functions, edge functions, e.t.c

Kindly visit the link below to checkout the overview of the services provided by Netlify.

Also visit the link below to see the framework integrations on Netlify.

Kindly take a look a the pricing page at the link below which compares all the features, limitations, e.t.c of the available plans.

Hope this helps.


Dear I checked these links ahead of posting the question but I still can’t understand the difference between hosting and deployment and if they are the same thing. I have my portfolio deployed on netlify, should I host it elsewhere using hosting plans !!?

Hi @honeycoded welcome to the forums!

If your domain is managed by Netlify that’s all there is to it. Unless you WANT to upgrade to a plan or higher than its free to use for the indefinite future. Hosting means you run a webserver, deployment means you are bringing new code/app/web to your hosting environment . Your site is deployed on Netlify. So when you deploy a website, you bring it to life for the public. I recommend you check out the pricing page that Clarnx list as that details more information.

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