Real projects to clients

Hello guys!
Please help me out, i am new on netlify!
I would like to ask, is it possible with netlify to create a real project website to clients with netlify and sell to them? If so, works with free plan or need pro plan for that? And how many websites i can create to clients?
Many thanks!

Hiya @Darius19920110 , and welcome to our community!

While we have no specific prohibitions on types of legal content we’ll host, if you are reselling Netlify, we do ask you to have a Pro plan or higher. If you are using it to host your own sites (even for a business), or to for instance prototype and then “hand off” sites to clients, rather than charging them for our hosting, no problem to do that on the free plan! So, please factor the consideration of that expense if you do plan to resell our hosting, for after you finish testing, before you start selling.

There is a limit on sites on the free plan, but it is 500 so you won’t hit it soon :wink: (that’s sites - not pages)