Can you use on Netlify?

Hello, I would like to add to my website hosted on Netlify. I am using the free, Starter plan, and wondering, if it is legal to make money from website hosted free. My website is

Thanks in advance.

hi there, did you see this already?

Hi, sorry, I do not understand. Can I use on my site or not?

@MaTY-MT The implication seems to be that if you do use it, you must be on a paid plan.

Hi, @MaTY-MT. As you are not billing any third-parties for the site, the Pro plan is not a requirement for you. You can upgrade to Pro if you want to but it is not required.

Looking at the way works, it is using bandwidth from the end user’s browser. This has nothing to do with Netlify’s systems. Because of this, in my opinion, using on a Starter plan is allowed and would not break our (Netlify’s) terms of service.

@gregraven, about the post @perry shared, this applies when you are creating sites for a third-party and then billing that third-party to host their site on Netlify. For example, if you are a web developer making websites for local businesses and charging them for having that site online then, yes, we would require a Pro plan to be used for the team where those sites are created.

However, @MaTY-MT, in your case you are not charging anyone else for hosting their site at Netlify (not that I can see from the description above at least). Since you are not charging anyone else, you are not required to use the Pro plan.

In other words, yes, you are allowed to embed tags and scripts on Starter plan team sites to generate revenue. For example, you can put ads on a Starter team site and that is okay. It is when you start making sites for other people and charging them for it that we require a Pro plan.

‚ÄčPlease let us know if there are other questions about this.