My Netlify account dissapeared with no email notification

Earlier I tried to log in to my existing Netlify account and couldn’t.
I had my account connected to my GitHub, @semanticdata.
I see others reporting very similar situations, but I have received no emails. I never received a notice that my account was suspended/deleted or otherwise. I only found out when I tried to log in early.

I can’t provide my Netlify sites, because they no longer exist. Here’s some previous addresses associated with my account:


Some other information that may be related:

Thank you for the help.

Hi, thanks for reaching out please take a look at our VP of Security @Mdorsi response…

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I tried to log in with GitHub again and it created a new account.
No prompt to submit a ticket. Nothing related to the incident.

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Hi, @semanticdata. Would you please try to sign-in using only the email address and password? That should trigger the workflow to submit a support ticket.

Same thing happened to me.
I already logged in using email and password and no prompt for a support ticket was triggered. I opened a ticket myself but got no response so far.

Hi @ltgouvea - are you saying you were able to login in to your account with an email and password?

@luke I just tried. It did not work. I only had the account connected to GitHub. I did not have a password on the account. Now when login in with GitHub as Git provider, it gives me an authentication error:

Authentication Error

Authenticating failed due to the following error: We already have a registered user with this email address. Log in to connect your GitHub account.

Hello @laura - Yes, but what happened chronologically was:

  • The account disappeared after triggering a manual deploy. I was logged out but didn’t imagine that the account had been wiped.
  • When I was logged out, I immediately tried to login again using the same github profile
  • Login was successful, but it actually created another fresh account without the sites I had

Hi, @semanticdata. Request a password reset for the email address first here:

After setting a password that way, you can login and link the GitHub account here:

After that is done, both methods of login will work.