Unable to Login and Forgot Password didn't send any recovery email


I have another netlify account I made with Github connection (Account A). and recently I disconnected that github login and connect it to my current account (Account B). And now I am unable to login to that account and also unable to send the forgot password email.

The email for that old account (account A) should be conquistadores21@gmail.com. There are some settings that I need to access in that account. Help?

Hiya @hendhyhutomo and sorry to hear about the trouble!

The only account associated with the old email was deleted by its owner on 3 Aug 2020. There are no sites or settings remaining there, so nothing to “access.” Our UI warns you when you self-delete that your data will be gone forever.

If you can be more specific about what you need, I’ll see what I can find, but since our logs only go back 30 days it is unlikely I’ll find anything.


Okay I thought there is some trace of it left because I am trying to rename my current account slug to hendhyhutomo, but somehow it keeps saying it is taken. Any hints on this?

Best — Hendhy Hutomo

Yes, we don’t let you reuse slugs from old accounts :slight_smile: Pick a different one please! In the future, we don’t intend you to use “delete an account” as a “reset state” operation - only use it when you are DONE with Netlify, so you don’t run into this problem again, please!

Ah okay got it! Thanks a bunch!