Lost all Websites from Account

I changed my email on my netlify and github account and now all my websites are missing. I had 8 websites deployed for school projects and I can still access them online but they arent linked to my account anymore.

I had it linked to my github and deployed but now they have all disappeared.
Please help?

Hi, @malerie-earle. The login email address for those site is the same username as used for the email address for your forum account. However, the login email address for the account with those site is using Gmail instead of the other email provider used for this forum login. (No one beside forum admins can see that email address so I’m not saying what it is to keep it private.)

Let’s say the email address for this form is username@example.com. The login email address for the site would then be username@gmail.com. (Please replace username with the actual username for the email address of this forum account.)

If you no longer have the password for that login, you can reset it here:


After logging in, you can change the GitHub account used for SSO here:


If there are any questions or if you still cannot login, please let us know.