My account has been deleted suddenly! all my websites have gone

I have been using Netlify for more than year, many important websites are hosted on my account
especially my portfolio.
I came today to login to my account via GitHub, and all of sudden it ask me to put information about me as if it was a signup process, and it’s totally an empty account (new).
I checked my websites links, and they don’t work.
Please help asap

What’s the account name, email address, site name? Please provide us some useful information to check this.

Account Name: Muhnnad Habib
my email: (I was signing in using GitHub by the way)
my website:

Hello, anyone please help as soon as possible,
after everything disappeared in my account, I tried to add my domain, it says that the domain is taken already by another user!!

@devmuhnnad ,

your site was removed and your account was restricted as you used Netlify to host content that is unacceptable on our platform and violates our terms of use, which you can read here.

You will need to find a different service and are no longer welcome on our platform.

Hello, can you mention the unacceptable website?

Hello, this is an unneccessary request. As they are your websites, under your account, tied to your domain name and email address, then i am sure you can figure out which ones were flagged by our upstream infrastructure provider for illegal and dangerous content.