My dashboard is empty and I can't login via GitHub

I have deployed around 7 sites but accessing gives me a blank screen as shown.

It’s so bad that I get an “account does not exist” error when trying to sign up for the Netlify forums with that account. Thus, I had to create a new one.

I went for an SWE interview today thinking I could show some of my Netlify projects, only to embarrassingly fumble with this issue with no resolution.

Hi there, @winstxnhdw :wave:

Thanks for reaching out. Your account was disabled due to hosting material that violates our terms of service. You will have to find a different platform to host your content on moving forward.

Hi @hillary,

I am aware that Netlify will send a warning 48 hours before suspension so that I can identify the offending site and make corrections as mentioned under your Terms of Use, but I did not receive such an email.

Hey there, @winstxnhdw :wave:

We did not send an email because we do not email customers with whom we do not have a paid business relationship when we cancel accounts for terms of service violations.

Again, you will have to find another platform to host your content.