Cannot log into Netlify via GitHub or email


A few days back I stopped being able to log into Netlify with GitHub, so I logged in with email instead to try and fix it. I deleted the GitHub from my Connected Accounts settings, and re-added it.

Now when I try to log into Netlify with GitHub, I am faced with an “Invalid Authorization Code” screen. I put in my email, but that only sends me a “Reset password” email, which does nothing but reset my password and does not fix the Invalid Authorization Code screen.

When I try to log into Netlify with my email, the process is successful, but I see a blank dashboard with none of my projects there. It says I have N number of sites, but I have no means of accessing them.

What should I do to get back access to all of my projects?

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Which email/account/site is this about?

It is for, which I used to log into

Hi @codrut :wave:t6: , thank you for providing this information. You cannot access your account because your account was marked as spam due to suspicious activity. You will need to find another platform to host your content.

Hi SamO, thank you for the information! Is there any chance I can get more details on why my account was considered as doing suspicious activity?

I am asking because I cannot think of anything spam-like or suspicious I was doing with it.

It looks like one of your sites was a Netflix clone site. Netflix will report these sites as phishing or copyright infringement (sometimes both).

Unless you have a contract with Netflix that allows you to made public websites that use their trademarks (and let us know if that is the case), then Netlify is forced to suspend your account when it is reported.

We really wish that code schools would explain to their students that hosting a Netflix clone site on your account is copyright infringement. If you make a demo site on your local computer, that is one thing. If the site is only on your computer and other people cannot visit it, that isn’t copyright infringement.

The moment you make the Netflix clone site hosted on the internet, you are using a trademark without permission and Netlify will be forced to suspend you when this is reported.

If you confirm you understand and that you won’t upload copyrighted content without permission again, we can restore your account but we will need to delete the site in question.

Do you understand why you were suspended? Do you want us to reactivate the login? If so, would you please confirm that you understand we will be deleting the Netflix clone site?

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I understand now, thank you for your explanation and I apologise for the situation. I had built the Netflix clone as part of a free online workshop, and I can see now how it was a mistake to put it up on Netlify. I did not have the permission to use the trademark.

Yes, I would be really thankful if you could please reactivate my log in! I understand the Netflix clone site will be deleted, as it should have been a long time ago. I also confirm I will not repeat my mistake, and I will not upload copyrighted material without permission again.

Hi @codrut thanks for your patience, we have reactivated your account and removed this site. Please let your instructor know assignments like this are against the law.

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To add to what Sam said, this is a long-time pattern of course instructors to suggest that you copy some commercial website as an assignment.

However, the owners of any such site that is popular enough to copy, almost always have teams (of humans as well as robots) guarding their trademarks and brand, and they insist that we remove such content as soon as they see it. How long does it take them to find it? Usually hours, not days. Copy the idea of a site? Please! Copy its brand name, logos, look and feel? Please don’t, or we shut down your entire account as @codrut discovered here.

Thanks for helping us keep our CDN online :slight_smile: