Can't login to my netlify account

Hello, I signed up netlify on 21 Jan and I didn’t log in to my account until yesterday. yesterday I wanted to log in with my github account I saw this error. " Error: Forbidden
Your client does not have permission to get URL /auth from this server". please help me to log in.

Hey there, @Nasi :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! Can you confirm that you followed these steps when linking your github repository to Netlify?

Does this happen in multiple browsers / on multiple devices? Can you share a screenshot of the exact error you are seeing when you attempt?

hello, Thank you so much. my problem was solved.

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Hey @hillary
I can’t log in to my netlify account but signed up with github

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What is the problem that you see?

another person has signed in with this email.
i have also sent many support appeal but no reply

Did you try logging in with email + password?

yes but it showed the same message ,is it because i signed up with github

Hi, @Deo-coder. Please use this workflow below:

  1. Login to Netlify using the email address and password only.
  1. Once logged into Netlify with the email address and password, then change the GitHub account associated with this email address here: Netlify App
  2. Log out of Netlify.

Once this is done, you should be able to log into Netlify using GitHub or the email address. Both methods of login should work now. If they do not or if there are any other questions, please let us know.

Thanks @luke it worked out

Not being able to log in at all. The page stays at loading state forever. If I refresh the page, I get redirected to the login page. Email and password are absolutely correct, since I use a password manager and haven’t changed them lately.

Additional information:
I use Netlify DNS for managing the domain where my email service runs (domain:, email I’ve been trying to log in using this email without success. As a result, I seem to be stuck in a loop where I can’t access my account or reset my password due to no incoming emails since the issue started. Meanwhile, all websites linked to this account are now down. Even attempting to log in via GitHub produces the same error that @Deo-coder experienced. Your insights would be appreciated.

Hi @kaiomoraes ,

thanks for reaching out. Your account has been banned as it was found one of your sites was hosting a phishing website hosted through our service. Phishing is against our terms of service and for that reason you will need to find another platform to host your content.

Dear @SamO,

I am very alarmed to read your response regarding the banning of my account due to allegations of hosting a phishing website through your services. I want to categorically state that I have never knowingly engaged in such activities, as I am fully aware that phishing is not only against your terms of service but is also unethical and illegal.

If one of my sites was involved in phishing, it’s likely that it may have been compromised without my knowledge. If this is the case, I would appreciate any information you could provide that would help me to understand how this occurred and which site was implicated so I can take the necessary corrective action.

As I am sure you understand, the current inaccessibility of my account has rendered all my websites offline, severely affecting my online presence. Hence, I kindly request a thorough review of this matter to clear any misunderstandings, so I can promptly rectify the situation and restore my services.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to resolving this matter swiftly and restoring my good standing with your platform.

Hi our fraud and abuse team provided you an update via our helpdesk. Please reference ticket: 156849 going forward if you have more questions.

Thanks so much.

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Thank you @SamO,

I wanted to share my concerns regarding Netlify’s approach to user account management and let other users be aware of it. An unexpected situation arose where I found my account abruptly banned by Netlify due to an accusation of hosting a phishing website, an accusation raised by a copyright infringement firm.

In the face of such serious allegations, I remained firm, confident that none of my websites were involved in such activities or violated Netlify’s terms of service. I felt assured that a thorough investigation on Netlify’s part would clear any misunderstandings.

To my surprise, however, the ban was implemented without due process or comprehensive investigation from Netlify. I was taken aback by how rapidly this decision was made without solid evidence or any attempt to reach out for my explanation.

Determined to rectify the situation, I reached out to all involved parties, including the company my website was allegedly impersonating. They confirmed there had been no such claim made on their part, which pointed to a potential error in the copyright infringement firm’s claim.

Armed with this new information, I approached Netlify once more. Upon closer inspection, they realized the initial claim was unfounded, leading to the subsequent reinstatement of my account.

While I am relieved that my account is now active and my reputation intact, this incident has raised several concerns. The core of my concern lies in how a reputable company like Netlify could hastily make such a drastic decision, potentially damaging users’ reputations based on unverified claims.

I understand the gravity of such allegations, but I firmly believe that users deserve a comprehensive investigation before any punitive action. A fundamental expectation of due process was not met in this scenario, and I hope sharing my experience here can provide a perspective for improvement. Let’s work together to prevent similar experiences for other users in the future.

Thank you for your feedback, here’s our stance on the issue:

As a Support Team of about 10-15 people (distributed acorss time-zones) trying to support 100k+ sites (maybe millions), being paid to provide technical support to our users, fraud and abuse is a big distraction and a time consuming, non-revenue-generating issue. You’d argue that not every site from those 100k would write in and you’d be 100% right, but with whatever number of people write in, our aim is to provide technical support and not fight spam. Due to limited resources, we don’t have an option of having a dedicated team fighting spam 24 * 7, but we’re trying our best with whatever we can.

For a long time (years), fraud and abuse has been the highest category of tickets that our team deals with and it continues to be. No other category comes even close to this number. We simply do not have the bandwidth to investigate each and every report that comes to us (just while writing this reply, I’m sure a few more would have popped up, which I’ll have to go deal with). Considering, more than 95% to 97% (probably 99%) of the reports are valid and the site is actually malicious, we go ahead and disable the account. On Pro and above plans, we try to take a harder look, and in most cases, even reach out to the user. On the Starter tier, we do not have the time and resources to do this.

You’ve the right to feel differently, or even feel that the trust has been lost, and I can only apologise, but I don’t expect anything to change in this matter.

hello its been 14 hours i am not able to login to my account. My account had 500 website and every single one of them are down. I am really helpless and its making me really sick please help. Delete all the website you think it is scam. Tell me i would do that myself but please tell me how can i reinstate my account

Hello, you have created a duplicate thread. Please see my response to your initial issue below.