I can't access to my account

I’m trying to log in to my Netlify account via GitHub and I’m getting this error : Authentication Error Authenticating failed due to the following error: We already have a registered user with this email address. Log in to connect your GitHub account

Hi @argolpour,

Just like the error says, did you try logging in using your email address?

i try to log in by github
my github email is the same

I’m saying try logging using email. The error says you’ve not connected GitHub based login to your account.

the problem is when one enters through google, it is to this address:
but there is no mention of logging in to Netlify. FYI this could be fixed and made clearer

hi there @tomkellytak , i am having trouble following. Can you explain again in a different way please?

What worked for me was, using the log in using email button (instead of the Git one), I then used my git email, and then used the forgot password link and resting my password and after that I was Finally able to log in. Quite the process. I hope this helps.

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