Subject: Problems Accessing My Netlify Account - Requesting Assistance

I’m struggling to log into my Netlify account and could use some assistance. Here’s the issue:

1.Email and Password Login: When I use my email and password, I see the “Logging In” message with the Netlify login icon, but I can’t access my account.

2.GitHub Login: Trying to log in with GitHub results in an authentication error, preventing me from accessing my account this way too.

You can find my Netlify account details here: Netlify App

I’m unsure how to proceed and urgently need access for my projects. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. If you need more info to diagnose and fix the problem, please let me know.

Thanks @fool Sir for your assistance.

Hi, @nitya. Your account was suspended for copyright infringement. Copyright infringement is against our terms of use.

You will need to find a different host for your sites.

Thank you @luke sir for responding. Is there any other way to resolve this issue? Also, sir, when I try to create another account, I receive a suspension message immediately after creating the account.

Hi, unfortunately this decision is final, as copyright is against our terms of service. The reason you are getting suspended is because you were already banned on our platform you cannot and will not be able to make another account. You will need to find another platform.

I appreciate your suggestion to explore other platforms, and I will indeed look for another one. Thank you for your guidance.