I am unable to login to my netlify account. Please help me!

Sir/Mam, I am unable to login to my netlify account. It is displaying:

Authentication Error
Authenticating failed due to the following error: We already have a registered user with this email address. Log in to connect your GitHub account.

I have also tried to reset my password and clear cookies and catch data but while login it is only displaying netlify logo loading.

Hello, thank you for reaching out. Your site was taken down as you were reported for phishing Netflix on our platform. Phishing is prohibited and against our terms of service. This decision is final and you will need to find a new platform to host your content.

I was not using any phishing attack as it was only a frontend project I made during my project which does not have any affiliated link and any ads.

Can you please just reset my account.

The account was 100% phishing as your site was named notnetflix. I cannot reset your account and you were reported by Netflix’s team. I’m sorry but the decision is final. If you’d like to access the source material from your site/get the domain from a site that was removed please submit a support ticket here mark the reason as “signup/login”.

If you feel you have a reasonable case you are welcome to submit a support ticket but no promises can be made.

Never thought hosting my college project on netlify would get me banned. :sweat:
You guys should have atleast checked my site or at least warned me about it so that I could have removed it the landing page project if it was inappropriate. :confused: