Sites disappeared from dashboard


I hosted a project on netlify last summer and therefore also bought a domain via netlify.
When I logged in today, both the domain and the site (auto deployed via github) are not visible in my netlify dashboard.

Can some admin please have a look at this? I connected my netlify account with this community account.

The domain is:

I don’t have any idea where to start looking what could be wrong, so any hints in the right direction are much appreciated.

thanks a lot and take care,

Hi there, welcome.

The most common “disappeared site” is often that you accidentally created a second Netlify account with a second email - can we rule that out before we go digging? Here is some more information on how that can happen:

let us know if this is not the case.

Hey Perry,
thanks for your quick response. I believe that could be the case. However, I can not seem to find the right login for my domain :frowning:

Could you help me out with the right username via DM, please?

Thanks a lot!!

hi there,

if you cant remember your emails, can you tell us the domain(s)?

yes - I did in the original question :slight_smile:

Hi, @manuschillerdev. I have emailed the email address we have on file as the owner the account we that domain was registered at Netlify.

Would you please check your various email inboxes to see if you have received that message? We cannot tell you the email address (but we can confirm it if you tell us first).

​Please let us know if there are other questions about this.

Unfortunately i didn’t receive it.
Could we please elaborate on this further via DM or via a private Ticket?
Our company was renamed and I think my netlify account may be registered under our old name

I have sent another email, this time to the email address used here in our community forum. Please reply here if you don’t receive it.