Can see the the wesite on internet, but unable to access it form my account, is not there

That is my domain on Netlify-, I deployed my portfolio, but since it was not responsible and had many small issues, I decided to fix it and update it, but now that I logged in my Netlify account to deploy the new version, there is no signing of the website there. It says that I have no website.

Hi @luarakelly,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

I do see the site here:

Are you able to log into that team and see the site listed?

Hello thanks, but unfortunately I am not able to see any thing, when I click on the link you annexed, it says page not found for me.

You’ll need to ensure you’re logged in with the email address associated with that site in order to see the page. Is it possible you have two Netlify accounts?