Manual deploy update turn around time?

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Thanks for reaching out. We have opened an internal issue to discuss drag and drop deploys, and will continue to investigate this with our teams. In the interim, please do not hesitate to share any developments or updates here.

Any one finding this post later, I ended up using the netlify cli netlify depoy and it worked fine, for some reason the drag and drop did not work for me (was working before). I hope this helps people searching here


Thanks for following up and sharing this, @sedghi! This will be beneficial to forums members who encounter the same obstacle.

Glad to find this only 1 day old post, because I faced the same problem today. Last drag 'n drop deploy was on May 23. I did not add any files but only updated existing ones.

Using the CLI is not an option, because it’s a Blazor app and Node.js is not installed as instructed on the “Get started with Netlify CLI” site.

Drag 'n drop deploy worked well on a Hello World test site.

Please let me/us know, when drag 'n drop deploy is possible again. I’d like to deploy latest on Friday…

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Thanks for sharing, @Philipp! Sorry to hear you are facing the same obstacle. We will follow up when the error is resolved.

Hello @Philipp - The issue impacting the Drag & Drop deployment method has been resolved. Please do attempt to deploy via Drag & Drop at your earliest convenience.

You can read more details and continue the conversation here: FIXED!: Drag & Drop Issue Status & Workaround

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