FIXED!: Drag & Drop Issue Status & Workaround

Hey there!

We had received reports that customers attempting to deploy via Drag & Drop were encountering a build failure. Impacted deploys were stuck in the “Uploading” stage after one drops their folder/files in the usual fashion.

This issue is now Resolved.

All deployments via Drag & Drop should successfully build as they did before.

Previously, as a workaround, we were encouraging people deploy either through Netlify CLI or traditional Git repo linking approach. So these are both still viable options for deployment.

If you have any lingering questions or concerns, please reply to this thread.

Thanks so much for your patience and for being a part of our community!


@Kai-Mavyn Great work getting it fixed.

My main questions are just related to transparency for when issues like this occur.

Are you able to provide details as to what went wrong?
Where in the deploy process was it actually failing?, why?

Was it tested prior to ending up broken on production?
Did something prevent it from being caught by testing?

Would it reoccur naturally or have measures been put in place to mitigate that?

I understand things go wrong, even when you’re trying your best, (or at least they do for me!), but a little transparency goes a long way :slightly_smiling_face:

The drag 'n drop deploy works now as before. Thank you so much for the quick fix.




Thank You so much. It worked for me. Keep it up.


Hello Kai, I have a problem, it seems that the same infinite load error in the deploy is active again, I have been trying to upload my page for several hours and it does not load, it is made with html, css and js, could you help me? here the link of my site

Hey there, @todocheatsgaming3 :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out. Looking at your site, it loads well and I can see several images. Additionally, looking at your deploy summary, it looks like you had active deploys as recent as June 7th. Can you confirm if you are still encountering obstacles? If you are, can you please share your project repository as well as your deploy log and any error messages you are seeing?