Not able to update my deploy

Hi, my site is](
I have deplyed this and some days ago I could updated. But today I was trying to update again, and I cant.
I did npm run build in VS Code and then went to the deploy page in Netlify and drag and drop the build folder. I was waiting for hours and nothing happened. I tryed 3 times, and nothing.
Is it ok or should I drop just some files?

What can I do? What can be the problem?
After I cancel I see this:


Could you try to upload again from a different devide/browser?

I am also getting the same problem,i have tried with other browsers but didn’t work

This appears to be a widespread issue where a few more users are unable to deploy using drag-n-drop. I’d advise you to switch to CLI or Git-based deploys while our engineers investigate this.

Ok, I will try. Thanks.

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Hi @nicobonder and @saurra3h - Just an update here - The issue impacting the Drag & Drop deployment method has been resolved. Please do attempt to deploy via Drag & Drop at your earliest convenience.

You can read more details and continue the conversation here: FIXED!: Drag & Drop Issue Status & Workaround

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